We can do all types of content from blog posts, detailed guides, info-graphics, social media posts, etc. It will depend on your content marketing budget and the level of competition in your niche. The best way would be to start with blogs, directory submission and link building initially.
All the content are written by our team of native English speakers highly experienced in the SaaS / Startup industry. Rest assured of the awesome quality our content provides.
Yes, but not the traditional Facebook and Google ads. We promote your product in few premium SaaS directories we have a partnership with. We find the CPC to be much lower than Facebook, Google ads and also the leads to be more targeted with lesser chances of churn.
Content marketing helps in two aspects. One is when you are consistent in it over a period of time, you will get a good flow of warm inbounds leads to your website. The second is it increases your brand awareness and earns you an authority in the niche of your SaaS product.
For sure. Having great content is just a part of the whole content marketing strategy. A lot has to be done to promote it to the right audience by building links and social media promotion techniques. On an average, 4 to 5 hours per week is imperative to build quality links to your content. That's a lot of time for a SaaS startup founder. We do it for you in the way it needs to be done. We make sure your content gets the right exposure it deserves.
We manage your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts by posting relevant high quality curated content.  We will post 3 Facebook posts, 3 tweets and 3 Linkedin posts per day which will keep your social media accounts highly active and engaging.
Even though we would love to, we have some guidelines. On submission we would check on the quality of your software, which niche it pertains to and make a decision. Most of the products would be good fit as long as you do not have a lot of prior negative feedback. We also avoid working with SaaS products that are promoted in affiliate marketplaces.
As we work with bootstrapped founders mostly, we try to keep our prices as affordable as we can, perhaps the cheapest in the industry for what we offer. Our base package is just $399 a month for 4 blog posts, promotion of one blog post, link building and submission to 3 SaaS directories. Once you see an increase in inbound traffic, we can go to higher level packages that will offer a whole lot more. The pricing of the basic package is not a very sustainable pricing model for us as an agency, but we are committed to help you grow and earn your trust by building a relationship.
Yes definitely, every month we will provide you a detailed report on all the work we have done and how your site has performed.